Sunday, October 7, 2007

FYI... the Cubs suck!

Wow. I know they played well enough to at least get them into the playoffs, but the way the Cubs played against Arizona was just pathetic. With the home team stinking up the diamond and old Lou glowering from the dugout as yet another raft of players get stuck out on base in the clutch, if felt just like being back in Seattle during the Mariners bad old days. Wanted the team to do better for Lou. Guess he has got two more seasons to break The Curse. Next season is the 100th anniversary season since the Cubs won a World Series. ...Spooky stuff.

Friday, October 5, 2007

FYI . . . I'm a lawyer!

Well . . . okay . . . I still need to get sworn in. But the results for the Bar Exam were posted today and, wonder of wonders, I passed! Now it's just ceremony. I don't know if anyone who hasn't been through the experience can truly understand what an immense relief getting the news is. Everyone of the new hires at my firm that I work for are intelligent and were dilligent law students. Everybody took the Bar study course and spent the time studying. But when the results came in yesterday, it was like a collective sigh of relief escaped the building. The test is difficult, but the passage rate is high. I don't think that anyone was truly afraid that they had failed, including myself. The consequences of failing, however, to your pride as well as your career can be enormous. Getting those results felt like the real end to my days of being a student. It had as much impact, if not more, than graduating. Good to have that behind me. Feeling much lighter today.