Friday, September 3, 2010

Early Adopter

I've been doing some experimentation with Impossible Project's new "Silver Shade" PX 100 instant film for the SX-70 Polaroid camera.  I am a cheerleader and supporter of the Project, as they are doing the crazy, journeyman's work of restoring a source of instant film for the classic Polaroid cameras that continue to have a huge fan base, but which Polaroid stupidly abandoned a few years ago.  I am a supporter of the Project and its goals with high hopes for the future.  And I have to be hopeful, unfortunately, because the present leaves a little bit to be desired.
(September 2010, SX-70, Impossible Project PX 100 film)

I will write more about this later, but will just say for now that the Project really is a labor of love . . . and the the use of these early films requires quite a bit of love, patience (and forgiveness) from the photographer as well.

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thefoxkids said...

did I know about this blog??? i'm so glad you posted a link on facebook.. if I did know about it I am regretting forgetting about it and only discovering it NOW after so much great stuff has been posted... love the photography read through to the beginning and am so glad I discovered or re-discovered it... glad to hear i'm not the only one who is trying to figure out what they want to be at late in life.. although you would have certinally beat me getting the law degree at 37 as I am 36 and will most likely not be "finished" with anything for a good 5-8 yrs (if I get back to it next year as I plan)... good job Uncle!!! your on my favorites now so I shall not forget it again (if i ever did!) ha!