Friday, December 31, 2010

My Continuing Descent Into Hipsterdom

You still won't find me sporting a pair of skinny jeans (you're welcome), but my hipster cred continues to accumulate.  A couple of months ago I became the somewhat sheepish owner of a Holga 120N medium-format camera.  For those who don't know, the Holga is a "toy" camera - a cheaply-made, all plastic Chinese camera that shoots 120mm film.  The camera is prone to light leaks, accidental double-exposures and heavy vignetting, but is very popular with art photographers and people looking to get into medium format film photography on the cheap (and, of course, hipsters, although Polaroid still takes pride of place on that score).

I've shot about ten rolls of film with the camera so far and just recently got the first set of developed negatives back from the photo lab.  Below is a shot from the first roll that I put through the camera:
Ira in his usual afternoon napping spot (Holga 120N, Kodak Tri-X 400)
Okay, so yes, it's a pet shot - that's our oldest cat, Ira (named after NPR radio host Ira Glass, of This American Life; yes we are that big of geeks) - but I think it came our pretty great, especially considering it was the first time I used the camera.

I will be posting more shots from this camera soon.  I really could fall in love with medium format.  Those big, frick'n negatives are pretty damn sweet.


HolgaDirect said...

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Rick @ HolgaDirect

Dottie said...

First, I love that your cat is named after Ira Glass. I'm a huge TAL fan.

Second, gorgeous and slightly eerie photo. Beautiful light.

Third, I'm a bit sheepish about my Holga, too. Plus, I have a polaroid! But no worries, I won't be getting a fixie to ride any time soon. :)

Ed L. said...

I have (multiple) Polaroids, and probably the only thing that is saving me from owning a fixie is that I don't have room to store another bike - I am completely doomed.

(Of course, I also have been known to wear full spandex bike kits in the summer, so I think that immediately disqualifies me on the hipster front; although it also completely disqualifies me on any front that could possibly be considered hip or cool, either.)